A Bygone Era!

So a few weeks ago I did a post about me spending my birthday on beach in Cape Town tilled, I’m in love. I think I did mention that instead of the usual flying to Cape Town, this time I took a luxury train. So I took the Shosoloza Myl Premier Classe Luxy train . I was very sceptic because , I didn't know what to expect, but, since this one is not your average train but a luxury train rather, I thought hey, why not do something different, so I went for it.

My trip started with the Gautrain from Sandton to Park Station in Jozi ( I was actually concerned by having to go to Jozi park Station especially with my language given the fact that I don’t know what the place is like, I never use trains  except the Gautrain of cause.

Waiting for the Gautrain in Sandton station and posing for pics, ha ha ha, people around just starring and wondering 'what the ???' h ha , girl's gotta do what a girls gotta do.

Huh! my eyes look so big in this pic.

As I was taking this pics inside the Gautrain the guy sitting opposite to my seat on the other sides kept starring with a very puzzled look on his face..he he should have invited him for a pic, maybe that would have calmed him..ha ha...gosh.

Shoes Aldo;  Jacket Guess ; white top Mr Price

Finally I get to the Park Station, Oh but its super quick anyway hey. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised because the place is very clean, very easy to find with helpful security personnel very visible.

So I arrive at the Shosholoza Myl Premier Classe Luxury Train waiting lounge to be welcomed by the very friendly and helpful staff and I get allocated a room number and I handed in my bags. Place decked with refreshment snacks and????Wait for it.....ha ha CHOCOLATE CAKE, for those of you who don’t know, my middle name is ‘Chocolate cake’ me and Chocolate cake are like two pees in a pot, I don’t share Chocolate cake, not ever. So I was happy, hm we were off to a good start..I wanna live here.

So Train arrived on time and we were led to the train. From the moment I stepped on the train it felt like I had stepped into a bygone era I had only seen in those old classic movies. Except this one had all the modern whatevers we know we simply cant live without.

On arrival we were welcomed by the staff with Champagne and snacks in the train lounge.

I Loved Loved Loooooved the staff, they were just amazingly friendly and helpful. Besides everything else, the staff just really made this trip for me. Later we enjoyed some high tea ( but I said pass the tea, I'll have more bubbly please) and cake before indulging on the chefs deliciously well prepared dinner and desert.

One of the reasons I was dreading taking this train is  because it takes over 24hours to get to Cape town so I thought Oh Gosh, what on  earth am I going to be doing with all this time in a chooching train , I’ll be bored to death. But I must say I was pleasantly surprised, again. like I said, It felt like I had entered a bygone era and I was sitting in a never ending restaurant, there was always somebody to attend to you, the staff was amazing.

As the night came, I saw it all happen through the window. With each station we went past, I could see it getting darker and darker. And soon it was difficult to see the names on the stations. It was peaceful, like a beautiful longing on my heart..perhaps a longing to enjoy more peaceful moments like that in my life.I dont know, but it was lovely. I even managed to finish a book I was reading like, forever, wrote in my diary and looked at some fashion mags.

I met a few interesting people on the train. One of the people I met is a lady who happens to be a journalist for a local magazine and also lady  from Europe , and she pretty much just decided to travel for a whole 2 months and the Luxury train was pretty much the last leg of her travels. Very sweet ladies. The Journalist even took a picture of me as it appears she was also doing a feature on the experiences on the train , so she might even use my pic for her feature...Oh cool!
Sleep on a moving train was also very surprisingly pleasant for me...snored like a baby...ha ha ha...I’m kidding, I don’t snore, really seriously...but on serious note though, the bedding is very comfortable with all the necessities  you would find in a hotel, such as a telephone to call for room service, slippers, gowns, your own shower and toiletries and spa services..and you can also take your car on the train if you wanted, but I didn't, but you can.
I’ll be doing another post to tell u about my experience with waking up on a moving train the following day.
But so far It was a different but beautiful experience.

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