I'm In Love!

I took a Luxury Train down to Capetown Camps bay last weekend for my Birthday and this is some of what I did during the day. I've been working hard and just wanted something to really relax me , it was my birthday after all and water has that relaxing effect on me. I dont know, maybe it has something to do with the fact that I'm a cancerian.

 Apparently we have a special realationship with water ( or the blue of the water..something like that) and the moon. But water does it for me.And what better place than Capetown hey. For those living in SA I'm sure you know about Capetown's beauty and for those of you elsewhere..well,now you know. Capetown is Beauuuuuuuuuutiful. I've been there a million times but I still melt everytime I go there.

 I know going to the beach wearing a jersey dress and tights is not ideal, but what could I do, it was freezing cold. The train ride was beautiful. I'll do a post and show and tell you about it. I was just too exicted to show you these pics because I think the sights are just so Beauuuuuutiful..maybe its me and the water thing again (ha ha ha) Gosh!

I stayed in Camps bay at this stunning hotel called...wait for it....Place on the Bay  Ha ha get it Camps Bay ' Place on the Bay' Cool hey..he he he!

More pics of the hotel Place on the Bay ...Aah, breath taking hey, check the view of the sea, walking distance to the beach.

Beautiful background.

I just love pick up sea shells, even though I never do anything with them. I just find them Beautifully fascinating.

Ha ha I'm wearing tights, no pick-a-boo!

Gosh I'm so cold and excited.

Amazing background again.

This one is really special...ha ha ha I know I know, you cant really see it..but it is pretty I tell you.


Anybody for some wine tasting???

Yes, me me ( ha ha ha) !

I love the background here. This is still at the Cape Point Vineyards, but I'm just sitting outside here.

On my way to the Cape Points radios playing Carly Rae's Call me maybe, and I'm really loving this song at the moment so I was inspired to take myself a picture from a window of a moving car (ha ha dont worry I was not reckless or anything like that)

Finally we arrive.

I Looooooooooove this picture, the background is so Beautiful.

This is right at the top..its cold and Beatiful here.

I love the wind in my hair

Whoo hoo!

I'm such a little in this big wide world.

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