2nd day on Luxury Train

My 2nd day still on the Shosholoza Myl Luxury train. 6:30 I wake up to a moving train, I love it. Look out my window, it’s raining, I’m In love. A few minutes later, a knock on the door, its room service by one of the friendly warm staff members bringing me coffee in bed, its perfect.

Some tea while I wait for my breakfast (I didn’t want to overdo it with the caffeine). Sipping on my tea while peacefully looking out my window at the peaceful rain and beautiful sites and write down some notes. Amazingly so, breakfast was as if I’d actually booked into an actual hotel, choices of all sorts..Yum!

Managed to read a book, write on my journal then took a little nap before lunch.
Lunch served at 12:00pm, and in case you are not in the lounge or dining area the staff actually comes to our room to let you know that lunch will be served shortly.

Lunch? Delicious! Desert? Delicious! Between the supper and the lunch, the lunch was my absolute favorite, not that the other was better or whatever ha ha ha no no, it’s because I had two deserts…Yum!

More tea after lunch, I love tea, it’s good for your figure...well i've heard..Ja!
Shoes Papelli Gold Sneakers; American Swiss Gold Watch

The lounge area

After lunch rain still drizzling on my window, the sights are breathtakingly beautiful,  such peace.

My waitress, together with the rest of the staff took excellent care of us.

Some of the staff, including the chef.

Capetown Camps Bay

24hrs later its back to reality, we arrive in Cape Town, it’s raining,....I’m In love!


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