Ladies Who Lunch!

I spent this past Saturday with my family, that is my Mum, brother, sister and nephew, only my middle sister was missing, her absence was felt, mainly because she’s such an entertainer  (every family has one), but we had a great time regardless. We spent the day doing some shopping and then finished off with a light lunch. U know if there’s anyone who can outshop me (if there is such a term) it’s my sister. I tell u, this woman is like an idiot when she gets to a shopping mall. She pretty much buys everything she lays her eyes on.  One would swear that she’s experiencing shopping for the very first time in her life. Honestly speaking, most of the staff in her closet still has price tags many years down the line. Anyway, this is what I wore.


I think this style of shoe instantly gives a classy lady-like look to most outfits. And my Mum loves this style of shoe, I guess it’s because she’s such a lady herself, so she was loving my shoes as much as I was. Maybe even more than me because I usually go for super high skyscraper heels (the higher the shoe, the closer to God) so these shoes are more of a classic heel with no platform. My pleated skirt I actually got 2 of them and gave one to my sister, so I had my fingers crossed that she doesn’t pitch up wearing hers as well, Huh! That would have been weird.
 MR Price earings
Plum Shoes ; Meltz pleated skirt



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