All I Wanted For Christmas...!

Hallo my Angels, how I've missed u all. Hope everyone had a very Merry Merry Merry Christmas with all your loved ones. This was my look on Christmas day, which I spent with my family. We all went to my sisters place and her inlaws were there as well, so we pretty much had ourselves a good old heart warming Chritmas Party, loved it to bits.

Birthday Girl !!!

It was my birthday this past 23 of June. The day was beautiful, a bit cold since, well, it is winter here in South Africa my friends, yes we are freezing here. After starting my day with a surprise delivery of flowers, chocolates and champagne in the morning, I enjoyed my breakfast by the poolside (cold as it was, the day was just too beautiful to resist) and went off to do a little birthday shoe shopping (you gatta get new shoes for your birthday) and got me a gorgeous pair of boots (I’ll do a post them boots one of these days).  See I love birthdays,  because I love free stuff ( ha ha ha yep, I said it). Actually, I think almost everybody does, and birthdays are just one of those very rare days when people in your life give you free stuff and spend money on you all because you were born on that day. So, make it a point to milk the day, after all it only comes once a year..ha ha but dont qoute me on that.

Bang Bang for Bangkok!

More pics of my vacation in Asia. This was my first day in Bangkok-Thailand and I gosh as I had come to expect by now, it was hottt. But I'd been in Asia for a few days now so I was slowly but surely starting to get used to the weather, and even enjoying it at times . It was my first day and first time in Thailand though so as you can imagine, I wanted to go everywhere all at once.

All Gold Everything !!!

This is me on my last vacation in Asia. I went to a total of 3 countries, the most ‘care free’ fun I’ve had in a long long time. I was long overdue for a holiday. It was hot and humid which was a bit overwhelming at times, but again another part of me loved the weather because it meant that dressing up was very effortless, which is what you want when on holiday, u just throw on something easy and nobody can like at u like ...otherwise.


The End and The Beginning!

Hallo Lovies, hope you are all great. I know this post is way overdue, my work has kept me crazy busy and as if that wasn’t enough, my sister was also getting married this past weekend so I was busy with that for the past few weeks as well, but the week of the weeding was craziest to the point that some nights I was only getting just 3 hours of sleep but the last straw came when I only got an hour’s sleep, I was clearly abused.The wedding was a 3 day celebration...Huh! the whole trauma got me thinking that maybe eloping is the way to go ...ha ha ha , don’t listen to me , I’m just rumbling on...Oh but it was beautiful, joyous, everybody was just amazed and had an amazing time, being with family is always just so great. I tell you I would do it all over again. 


Pink Valentine!

Happy Valentine’s Loveeis hope all the girls got chocolates and roses, sorry but I'm a sucker. I received a beautiful cute bouquet of roses this morning, talk about a great start to my day. Now I’m off to a lunch date with my best friend. I gave myself a day off today, I think it’s good to stop and smell the roses every now and then, live a little and V-day is just the perfect excuse for me. So this print dress is my outfit, there’s something very sweet about this dress, I feel so girly pretty and yet very trendy at the same time, maybe it’s the pink. I actually designed this dress for my clothing line ‘Miss Toni’ Collection and you can purchase it here.

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