Pink Valentine!

Happy Valentine’s Loveeis hope all the girls got chocolates and roses, sorry but I'm a sucker. I received a beautiful cute bouquet of roses this morning, talk about a great start to my day. Now I’m off to a lunch date with my best friend. I gave myself a day off today, I think it’s good to stop and smell the roses every now and then, live a little and V-day is just the perfect excuse for me. So this print dress is my outfit, there’s something very sweet about this dress, I feel so girly pretty and yet very trendy at the same time, maybe it’s the pink. I actually designed this dress for my clothing line ‘Miss Toni’ Collection and you can purchase it here.

 My New hair...U like?
I know these nails are a bit much especially with my print dress, but
just couldnt resist, I love me some shiny things.

Dress by Me 'Miss Toni' Collection 
Footwork Heels



  1. This is an old blog post, but when I saw this outfit on LOOKBOOK, I was awed by your loveliness. The dress is just fabulous, and a foxy pair platform pumps just makes this hot outfit even hotter. Just an amazing look!

    By the way, I'm John from the United States. First time commenting on "Style by Toni-K!".

  2. Hi John, thank you so much for all the wonderful words...much appreciated.


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