The End and The Beginning!

Hallo Lovies, hope you are all great. I know this post is way overdue, my work has kept me crazy busy and as if that wasn’t enough, my sister was also getting married this past weekend so I was busy with that for the past few weeks as well, but the week of the weeding was craziest to the point that some nights I was only getting just 3 hours of sleep but the last straw came when I only got an hour’s sleep, I was clearly abused.The wedding was a 3 day celebration...Huh! the whole trauma got me thinking that maybe eloping is the way to go ...ha ha ha , don’t listen to me , I’m just rumbling on...Oh but it was beautiful, joyous, everybody was just amazed and had an amazing time, being with family is always just so great. I tell you I would do it all over again. 

Now about my outfit, this is what I wore the last day I was on that boat cruise ship to the Moz
ambique Islands I told you about. But how scary is this, rain and crazy winds in the middle of the sea...Yaiks!
But I wasn’t about to let that mess up my outfit so I just paired my white shorts and top with my pink cutesie jacket...so ha ha , they wind can suck it, I still managed to pull of my cutusie look.


Top by myself 'Miss-Toni' Collection
White shorts
Pink Jacket
Plum Shoes Wedge

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