Bang Bang for Bangkok!

More pics of my vacation in Asia. This was my first day in Bangkok-Thailand and I gosh as I had come to expect by now, it was hottt. But I'd been in Asia for a few days now so I was slowly but surely starting to get used to the weather, and even enjoying it at times . It was my first day and first time in Thailand though so as you can imagine, I wanted to go everywhere all at once.

All Gold Everything !!!

This is me on my last vacation in Asia. I went to a total of 3 countries, the most ‘care free’ fun I’ve had in a long long time. I was long overdue for a holiday. It was hot and humid which was a bit overwhelming at times, but again another part of me loved the weather because it meant that dressing up was very effortless, which is what you want when on holiday, u just throw on something easy and nobody can like at u like ...otherwise.

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