Bang Bang for Bangkok!

More pics of my vacation in Asia. This was my first day in Bangkok-Thailand and I gosh as I had come to expect by now, it was hottt. But I'd been in Asia for a few days now so I was slowly but surely starting to get used to the weather, and even enjoying it at times . It was my first day and first time in Thailand though so as you can imagine, I wanted to go everywhere all at once.

 So, armed with nothing but my white ensemble, my raybans and pink lips, I took on the heat and went on to conquer the city (he he he). I think white gives instant coolness.
I noticed instead of yellow cabs here, they have a lot of pink cabs , they do have cabs in other (less pretty/interesting ) but a lot a pink, so I was inlove, and everytime we had to take a cab, I would insist on a pink cab. If it wasnt pink I wasnt riding it (girls and pink, we cant help it)

Waiting fir the train/subway, not sure what they call here.

First day started off with a place they call ‘The Weekend market’ the free market sellers at this market only gather here during the weekend, hence the name 'The Weekend  market'.

Its quite a huge market place, you can easily get lost and confused in there, actually this happened to me a few times, but fortunate enough I had some friends with me and they are very familiar with the place, so I was sorted. You can buy all sorts of things here, from clothing items to home decor. My eyes were everywhere. and I shopped and shopped, honestly, I cannot remember the last time I did that much shopping ( I'm dead serious hey) and I went way over my budget. I must say , I love to shop but I'm very disciplined , I'm not an impulsive shopper at all, so this was crazy for me because usually, I'd rather flirt with a pair of shoes for a while and see if the spark is still there after a few days before I buy it but this tine, I didn't care much for sparks..schmucks ,Ag who cares....he he he, Umm my wallet. 
Hmm, maybe I should also get my face on my T-shirt...think its cool.
A drink on the go to try and cool off the heat, Huh, its not helping.



White skirt Miss-Toni Collection!
White chiffon top Miss-Toni Collection!
White tank top Miss-Toni Collection!
Wedge Shoes Plum


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