I Think I'm Cooler Than U!

Hey Lovies, I know it’s been ages, hope you've all been good. Gosh it’s been crazy and interesting for me, each day I’m made aware of just how unpredictable life is and that God is in charge of it all. Sometimes it feels like I've been on the crazies roller-coaster, and I've been on this roller-coaster for months now, since last year to be exact, but something tells me that the crazy ride is almost over , the end is near and big changes are coming.

Anyway, enough about my rumbles, I've just launched a new Online store website  so please  do visit our store, my crop top twin set outfit is from my line Miss Toni Collection! and its also available at the store. Hope u like.

xoxo Toni!


U R The Closest To Heaven That I've Ever Been !

OK so far 2014 for me is off to a great start. But just to reminisce about 2013, I'd say it was one of my best years, but also a year of great revelations and confusion, to the point whereby it pretty much changed the course of my life in a way that I had no control over. But in a good way and I'm loving it, just that it was so unexpected. I had always believed things to be a certain way or that they will happen a certain way and just mid 2013 something changed and I was reminded that I'm not in charge, God is.


Welcome 2014!

Hi my Lovies hope u all had great celebrations to kick start off the new year. And I hope 2014 will be the year you realise all your goals and all your dreams come true. Those of  us who belive in making new years reolutions, hope we all stick to them. Me personally, I'm staring the year with a trip to the US, leaving in about 3 hours time. Will tell you all about it when I get back. Stay sweet...Luv...Toni 
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