U R The Closest To Heaven That I've Ever Been !

OK so far 2014 for me is off to a great start. But just to reminisce about 2013, I'd say it was one of my best years, but also a year of great revelations and confusion, to the point whereby it pretty much changed the course of my life in a way that I had no control over. But in a good way and I'm loving it, just that it was so unexpected. I had always believed things to be a certain way or that they will happen a certain way and just mid 2013 something changed and I was reminded that I'm not in charge, God is.
It was confusing for a while but everything became clearer towards the end of the year and I'm embracing the change that's to come. I'm very exited and looking forward to great things this year. Hope 2013 was great for you all and hope we achieve all our goals in 2014 and then some.

Miss Toni Collection! Peplum Twin Set
ALDO Shoes  Black pumps

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  1. Your beauty is certainly heavenly here. This skirt outfit is beautiful along with those fierce platform pumps. You look amazing here!


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