That Old Feeling!

Spring is finally approaching here in South Africa, and so we come out of the woods, I'm especially referring to myself...ha ha ha. We are living in the last days of winter Ahg but it's warm enough though for us to start wearing summer clothes, hence my white shorts. The weather was too beautiful on this day, I simply couldn't resist.

But not enough to go jumping in to a pool or Ocean, unless ofcouse you are Durban. Durban has no idea what winter is. But I'm in Johannesburg and so that's out of the question. Therefore I just settled for looking at my pool and enjoying pool side cocktails. I did dip in a foot and a hand, but really, that's as far as I went. Can't wait for the Spring to fully set in. I just think everyone is generally in a much better mood when the weather is in a good mood hey! 

Xoxo  Toni!

Denim Top and White Shorts both from TONI! Clothing
Heels from Socrati

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