Lil Sis' Birthday Party..well it was actually for both my lil Sis and lil Brother who's actual the last born of my siblings, but my lil Sis who's been so mad since the day he was born because she feels that he only came on this earth to steal her Spotlite in life, made the B.Day all about her and so we all played along and so did he..all in good fun and laughter ofcause. My middle sister was forcibly put incharge of organizing thing whole extravaganza, hence she's looking so pissed, in this pic. Considering the fact that my lil Sis is a lot to handle, trust me by the time this actually happened she had had enough. The theme, decided on by my lil Sis ofcause, was 'ALL BLACK" eerthing. Hence you see us stunting in black. I must say, I always have the best time when I hangout with my sisters and this was no different...

Luv Toni K
      Toni and the Birthday Girl, my lil Sis Mitchell
      Mitchelle's Black Dress TONI Clothing , Toni's Black Top and Skirt TONI Clothing

      This is apparently supposed to be my middle Sis' Gangster Pose...

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