Beautiful bright day , so without a doubt, one of those days that you just feel extra happy , all is well and  you just want to simply  put on a simple but equally beautiful happy girly dress and just be. And this simple orange dress just did the trick for me..yep the day , which was obviously welcoming in Spring/Summer  ( well, if you are in South Africa) obviously  made me  extra happy  ( because I hate winter....and yes people, despite what you might have heard, we do have winter here  in Africa...and I HATE IT...SH*T is COLD)  the dress was the icing on the cake.....I was walking on Sunshine. This was me on my way out to Newscafe in Woodmead to get lunch with my lil’Bro so thought I would abuse him a bit for some pics, something which I do on an regular basis...well in this instance guess I abused him  the trees etc....I was in a mood...a good one.

Kisses Toni!

Dress TONI! Clothing   SHOES ALDO Shoes

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