I think by now, any self respecting Style Addict clearly agrees that jumpsuits/Catsuits are the world's favourite onesies. Which is no surprise, I mean they are extremely versatile, easy to accessories and most importantly...they hug all the right curves on your body. Which means women of all shapes and sizes are slaying in them in all sorts of sexy options and slaying it good.

I was never a jumpsuit girl..C'mon I'm a girly girl..all about pretty dresses . Until I was inspired to design one for my line TONI! . And it's been a luv ever since .And since then, I've added a few more to my collection. I've put together a small compilation from my line of our favorite available onesies and they come in all sizes S,M,L & XL . Hope you find something that tingles your curves . 

Love Toni Khumalo 

The Little White Dress!

When all you crave for is simple but sophisticated elegance, and outfit that subtly screams :"confidence" .the  little white dress is the way to go! Simplicity in this dress says much without many words. Elegance doesn't need to be clustered, wear it up or wear it down.

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Luv Toni Khumalo


Congratulations FiFi Cooper! at the Metros

A while ago I got presented with an amazing opportunity to dress one of the biggest Female Hip Hop artists to come out of South Africa, the Beautiful FiFi Cooper for her very first Red Carpet , at the Metro Awards 15  2016. You can imagine my excitement. She has the sickest petite body and even way prettier in person. My team and I wasted no time going to work and came up with this burgundy twinset with lace sleeves , the colour burgundy chosen by FiFi Cooper herself (she has great taste) and a pair of red sequence shorts which she wore for her after party performance . @Fifocooper_San Thank you so much for the opportunity and trusting us with this truly grateful, and again a Big Congratulations to FIFI COOPER for winning three Metro Awards ,you looked Beautiful. 
Luv Toni Khumalo


Victorian Falls, one of the most spectacular natural wonders in the World, and yes, it is everything they say it is. The sight of it is simply breath taking,  a return to nature. I stayed at The Kingdom Hotel, everything thing about this Hotel is done so beautifully,  perfection, absolutely inspiring beauty ...and I mean that. The decor, the food, service & pool is just as impressive.

While the Victorian falls are the main attraction, there’s also a wide variety of activities. Such as Helicopter flights that give you spectacular panoramic views, beautiful relaxing cruises whereby you can enjoy delicious snaks & cocktails at sunset and the views, not to forget the Hippos that peak through from the water every now and then, river rafting trips, guided Safari walks, cliffs & bridges whereby you can take part in bungee jumping or better yet. You also have the option of seeing  wild animals upclose and then ofcause my Fav, SHOPPING..Hey, I’m a girl Okay anyway, back to the business of the day.


Saturday off to the studio to do some work with my sisters Khosi & Michelle  #Theterribletriplets wearing my All-I-Want-is-Happiness kinda skirt from our collection TONI! Clothing.

Comfortable,flirty but still classy and has. a thousand ways you can wear it. I can already hear you saying':Yeah right, what decent fashion forward lady would want to wear the  same skirt a thousand times! Well, there are a different ways you can rock this skirt and still looking like you just wore it for the first time! 
For example:
The skirt
White shirt
Red blazer
Black heels and voila!

The black &white goes well with any colour.  You can wear any colour jacket and still look amazing! Don't believe me? Try it for yourself. But remember. ..whichever way you wear it...have fun and just be Happy.

Luv Toni!


Hey Luvies, a bit late I know but never the less, I hope all of you had and amazing Christmas & New Year and enjoyed time with family and all your loved ones, like you should of cause. As for me, I obviously spent time with family and ja, we always have the best time with my sisters joking around about everything. Crazy as they are, I really I cannot see myself spending the holidays away from them or maybe I’m hooked to the craziness. I’m stuck with them after all...and Yes, I know we are a bit dressy but ja that’s my family, we love to dress up. Best part, we have fun with it. 

Luv Toni

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