Hey Luvies, a bit late I know but never the less, I hope all of you had and amazing Christmas & New Year and enjoyed time with family and all your loved ones, like you should of cause. As for me, I obviously spent time with family and ja, we always have the best time with my sisters joking around about everything. Crazy as they are, I really I cannot see myself spending the holidays away from them or maybe I’m hooked to the craziness. I’m stuck with them after all...and Yes, I know we are a bit dressy but ja that’s my family, we love to dress up. Best part, we have fun with it. 

Luv Toni

Seriously though, the picture above, doesn’t this look an episode of ‘BLOOD RELATIVES’...1 IS ALWAYS A KILLER?
And doesn’t it look here on this pictures like she’s ready to kill the entire family.....I’m worried...she was always the strange one. 

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