I think by now, any self respecting Style Addict clearly agrees that jumpsuits/Catsuits are the world's favourite onesies. Which is no surprise, I mean they are extremely versatile, easy to accessories and most importantly...they hug all the right curves on your body. Which means women of all shapes and sizes are slaying in them in all sorts of sexy options and slaying it good.

I was never a jumpsuit girl..C'mon I'm a girly girl..all about pretty dresses . Until I was inspired to design one for my line TONI! . And it's been a luv ever since .And since then, I've added a few more to my collection. I've put together a small compilation from my line of our favorite available onesies and they come in all sizes S,M,L & XL . Hope you find something that tingles your curves . 

Love Toni Khumalo 
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